söndag 1 juni 2008

Man About Town

"Church´s shoes are a British institution representing timeless elegance and luxury. From their origins back in 1873, they have always stood for style and quality above all else. The original city banker´s footwear, they give the wearer an understated yet undeniable air of confidence and authority.
The experience of walking into a Church´s shop is testament to the company's discerning approach. Decorated floor to ceiling with oak and deep carpets, the scent of leather hangs in the air and hints at a sophisticated charm. This reflects the values of the business- there has never been anything brash or noveau about Church´s. The clientele they appeal to possess a distinguished style that whispers, rather than shouts. "

Text ur modetidning utgiven i början av en lågkonjuktur, någon?

Man About Town - Issue 2 / Spring- Summer 2008

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