tisdag 20 november 2012

"For me Damien Hirst is just the paint I use to create my paintings."

The New Enquiry har publicerat en intervju av Jesse Darling med "The Slovenian Damien Hirst". Det är en anonym slovensk konstnär som gör en slags nihilistisk tolkning av Damien Hirst och ger uttryck för en del intressanta idéer samtidigt. Postade lite valda citat nedan, läs mer i artikeln Being Damien Hirst:

It started spontaneously. I watched a documentary called “The Mona Lisa Curse” and it pissed me off so much that I created a blog (which doesn’t exist anymore) and named it Damien Hirst. The first image I put on that blog was an image of a glass jar in which I poured some orange looking drink. I put a computer cable in it as well and gave it some cool-sounding title, which I can’t remember anymore. A few days later someone commented on it. What puzzled me was that this person clearly thought this was a genuine artwork made by the famous British artist Damien Hirst. That made me think.


I see his art as a series of commercials to promote his brand. And I see that as an amazing artistic achievement, which makes me consider him the greatest contemporary artist. The thing is, he doesn’t even recognize this great achievement, so I thought it would make sense if I used it to make a point. I find it hilarious that he wants to be compared to classical masters, when he invented a kind of art that hadn’t existed before: art that becomes pointless as soon as you remove the price tag.

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