måndag 12 oktober 2009

"Oh, got to get to the video store"

KM: Anyway, we moved back home after we finished school.

LM: I didn't want to be an English professor, and Kate didn't want to work in museums. We wanted to design. So we thought the best way to approach becoming designers was to move home and watch horror films for a year! Our parents thought we were losers. We didn't tell our friends.

KM: When I was 6, I would tell people, "I want to be a fashion designer." And so, when we left school, I said, "We have a lot of research to do. I'm really interested in horror films right now, so we should start watching as many as we can." Our parents never once said to us in that year after school, "You guys . . . " Most kids come out of college and they-

LM: Want to live on their own.

KM: We were like, "Oh, got to get to the video store."

Underhållande intervju med Rodarte-systrarna från Interviews hemsida, Natalie Portman intervjuade, men det ska man inte låta sig störas av.

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